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The LVM Internship

We are accepting applications for our 2024-2025 Financial Planning Internship. This is a year-long position, beginning each April. Junior, Senior, and Graduate students are encouraged to email their cover letter and resume to Application deadline is February 28, 2024, by 11:59 PM.


The LVM Capital Management Financial Planning Internship is a flexible, paid, part-time (15-20 hours/week), year-long position. Students applying for this position are committing to a five-day-per-week schedule during the summer and school year. This internship is specifically designed to provide Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) candidates practical experience in a vibrant financial planning practice. The intern will work in a professional environment under the direct supervision of an experienced financial planner, learning the operations of a registered investment advisor and gaining knowledge and technical experience in preparing comprehensive financial plans. The internship is built on a progression of responsibilities.


First, you will develop competency with MS Sharepoint CRM and the Advent portfolio accounting software by assisting in structured account reviews. You will generate reports and then analyze data to validate documentation, investment allocation, and invoice calculations. You will learn to identify deficiencies and work with portfolio managers to resolve gaps. By reading and identifying key data on custodial statements, you will develop skill in reconciling account differences.


Secondly, you will be introduced to the financial planning process. You will develop competency using financial planning, income tax planning, and customer relationship management software and will assist in collecting, organizing, and presenting personal financial data. Using the software, you will become familiar with the intricacies of creating personal statements of net worth and statements of cash flow.


Thirdly, you will be exposed to the investment management and investment research process through regular attendance of weekly investment committee meetings. Working closely with portfolio managers, you may assist with various investment research projects and provide information on model stock portfolios. You will develop skill and competency using a Bloomberg terminal and other investment research tools to help report on and track changes in our model stocks.


This position requires attention to detail and accuracy in research, analysis, and data gathering. A CFP® candidate is welcomed. Interns completing the full-year (April to April) LVM Capital Management Financial Planning Internship have been very successful in using their acquired skills to transition into their next career opportunity.

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