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LVM's Investment Management Approach

LVM Portfolio Managers meet each week to share ideas, discuss market conditions, and make portfolio recommendations. We identify asset classes and individual securities that are undervalued and utilize them in a diversified portfolio, designed to achieve clients' goals. Our research is conducted in-house by our Chartered Financial Analysts. At LVM, we know each company in which a portfolio is invested and manage portfolios on a discretionary basis, which allows us the latitude necessary to carry out our investment process in today’s dynamic markets. 


A key to our success has been an investment philosophy, developed and refined over three decades and implemented through many market cycles. Our disciplined stock selection process focuses on superior companies with strong balance sheets, sustainable earnings growth, competitive advantages, and good management. But we demand value. The depth of experience of our portfolio management team is invaluable in analyzing both quantitative and qualitative criteria to identify the most attractive investments for our clients.

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