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What’s up with the recent market volatility?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Tyler and Jordan are back to talk about the recent market volatility. Some common market headlines are assigning market volatility to supply chains, Coronavirus spikes and variants, and the winding down of monetary stimulus. We look at charts that show volatility measured by the VIX, the percentage of stocks in the NASDAQ that are at new 52-week lows, some Covid business beneficiaries recent struggles and stock price drawdowns, how the best performing stocks of 2020 are in the biggest drawdowns, ARKK ETFs individual components, and you guessed it a little more on crypto.

Below are the charts discussed on the podcast:

Volatility Index - mentioned at minute 0:56 (Source Bloomberg)

NASDAQ Composite percentage of members with new 52-week lows - mentioned at minute 2:50 (Source Bloomberg)

Covid-19 stocks that benefited from WFH and other Covid-19 related economic activity - mentioned at minute 5:15 (Source - YCharts)

Russell 1000 median drawdown by 2020 return decile - mentioned at minute 7:25 (Source - The Irrelevant Investor Blog)

ARKK Innovator ETF stock components in drawdowns - mentioned at minute 8:15 (Source - @PensionCraft - Twitter)

Bitcoin price percentage off high - mentioned at minute 8:55 (Source - YCharts)


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