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April Quarterly Newsletter - 2024

Updated: Apr 19

Highlights of this Special Edition Newsletter:

  • Using the SLAM Method to combat phishing emails

  • Congratulations to our colleagues celebrating 10-year anniversaries!

  • Welcome to our Newest LVM Team Members

Using the SLAM method to combat phishing emails

In our digital age where the internet is an integral part of our lives, the threat of phishing

emails looms larger than ever. These deceptive emails, crafted to trick you into divulging

sensitive information or installing malware, are growing increasingly sophisticated. I’d

like to introduce you to an effective tool—the SLAM method—to help you combat these

malicious attempts.

What is the SLAM Method?

SLAM stands for Sender, Links, Attachment, and Message. It is a straightforward, yet

incredibly effective, approach to recognizing and safeguarding against phishing attacks.

Here’s how it works:

Sender: Look closely at the sender’s email address. Cybercriminals often use

email addresses that resemble legitimate senders but contain subtle variations or

misspellings. Be cautious of emails urging immediate action or offering unexpected

rewards or warnings.

Links: Be cautious of any links embedded in emails, especially if you weren’t

expecting them in the first place. These links may lead to fraudulent websites

designed to steal login credentials or infect your device with malware. Hover over

links to preview the web address and ensure it matches the domain of the sender

or business.

Attachment: Think twice before opening email attachments, especially if you

weren’t expecting them. Cybercriminals often use malicious attachments to infect

your device. Confirm the sender’s legitimacy and the file’s relevance by calling the

sender to verify they sent it. If you were to ask by email and their account had been

compromised the response would almost certainly be an attempt to convince you

the request was legitimate.

Message: Pay close attention to the email’s content. Look for spelling errors,

unusual language, or requests for sensitive information. Be extremely wary of urgent

or suspicious requests for personal or financial data. Reputable institutions typically

do not solicit such information in this manner.

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA): Studies have shown that simply enabling this second level of authentication will reduce your chances of having your email compromised by 99%. 2FA requires you to enter a code available only to you on your cell phone, after you enter your password.

By enabling 2FA on your email and applying the SLAM Method, you will be better equipped to spot

phishing attempts, protect yourself from potential threats, and protect your email account.

Stay safe and secure,

Don Mitchell, CEO

Arienne Associates, LLC

CONGRATULATIONS to our colleagues celebrating their 10-year anniversaries!

Amy M. Daggett

Client Relationship Officer

Jordan J. Rummel, CFP®, CRPC ®

Wealth Advisor

Jordan was an intern at LVM in 2013 before joining us full-time in 2014.


Ashley C. Karcher

Ashley joined LVM Capital Management in early February as a Client Relationship Officer and Operations Associate. She graduated from

Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Ashley comes to LVM with over nine years of experience in client service and administration positions.

Jacob A. Crump

Jacob is our 2024-2025 intern. He is attending Western Michigan University

and is preparing to take the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) exam in July 2025.

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